Don’t forget who you are and who you are capable of becoming.

Often as I’m going through notes, I find these little tidbits that I’ve written down throughout the years. They vary from nice and fluffy quotable phrases to the occasional bits of tough love to the sometimes difficult reminders of how hard it can be to push one’s self through the worst of what life has to throw at us. They are always timely, however, when they present themselves again, and I’m glad I leave these notes for myself in the moment and those later moments to come. Today I felt the urge to share one with you.

As I find these tidbits here and there, I’ve started to call them “love notes to myself.” Every time I say it, it echoes in my head as a sort of title that wants to become its own little project, a collection- probably a little book- of these notes. Usually my darker days shut down this idea, but each one of these notes reignites it again.

Of late I’ve been considering my own next steps, projects, and direction. I’d venture that it’s no secret that many artists struggle with some degree of imposter syndrome and challenges with self confidence. This note, left for me by Lady Yesterday, was just what this lady of the moment needed to see this morning.

It’s followed closely by “do the things that terrify you.”

I wonder if others would benefit from a little book of these reminders. I’m grateful I write down my wins as much as my frustrations. I urge you to do the same.

What is your Yay of the Day?

My next note was “I directed and shot a movie this morning.”

My Yay of the Day is two fold: 1) I found that note just when I needed to see it, and 2) yes, I’m still the person who has that talent and vision and who wants to do more.

So, what is your Yay of the Day?

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