Paper Samples – Like Candy for Printers

I get giddy over paper, almost as much as I get giddy over snow. Lucky for me, printing happens all year round.

Amongst fulfilling orders from the Print Shoppe and massive spring cleaning, I’ve been rediscovering some old stocks of paper and playing around with which media I’d like to stock and use regularly. There is never one right answer for everything. The right media for the right print should always be chosen, and it’s important to have the option pair them appropriately. However, I have standardise my offerings for the shoppe and my client offerings.

This is good news for some of you Patrons. You’ll be seeing some of my sample prints arriving in your post boxes this month. If you ordered this print on the right… you’ll also be getting the bonus print on the left as a result of going through my Portfolio Archives. This is an honest to god, darkroom printed Silver Gelatin print from Paris, near Norte Dame that will be going out in your box this month. I hope you enjoy it.

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