Photography Q&A: Submit Your Questions

What would you like to know about photography? About photographers?

I have been getting some great questions via DM recently and that inspired me to open up a wider space for questions here. If all goes well, perhaps we can make a series out of it (editing, branding, cinematography, drones, posing, lighting, etc). So for now, let’s focus on photography itself. Do you have questions about taking photos? You have 25 years of experience and teaching at your disposal. I’m happy to answer anything:

  • Mobile photography
  • Film photography
  • Digital photography
  • Pinhole photography
  • Flash photography
  • Studio setups or light manipulation
  • Gear, gear, gear!
  • Questions about filters

Hit me. What would you like to know? I’ll leave the commenting open until March 31st. An answer session will be posted following the comment period. 
The posting period is closed. Comments have been disabled.

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