A belated thank you to all of my patrons and a happy anniversary this week to this Patreon account! 

Content: More, Better, and What You Want

Lately I’ve been doing far more thinking about posting than actually posting and I’ve realized there are several reasons for this. Before I get to those, I need to apologize for the lack of content I’m putting out.  I also want to say thank you for continuing to stick with me as patrons.  

Lately, I’ve realized my posting strategy has been in somewhat of an identity crisis, an anxiety tail spin, and a need to get-with-the-times, so to speak.  As I’ve been really trying to get back to work in the past few months, I’ve been busy, focused more on photography, and exhausted.  This should give me more to post about but it also leads away from the drawing and painting I started with and back to branding of studio I ran for past 15+ years.  In that mode, everything was focused on posting perfectly finished work in nicely organized blog posts of entire sessions. It’s struck that Patreon (and even with the switch to Instagram) are opposite of that and I’ve got to switch that mindset.  The other makers I follow on this platform are primarily illustrators and jewelers who post works in progress all the way through – and I think that works really well.  With photography, that can be more challenging where clients blemishes may be on display. Other times this may not be an issue. I’m considering how I can include more of this.  I do actually do a lot of sketching and planning for shoots – some of which never happen.  Would this be of interest for you to see? More of my projects now and in the near future include video and sound- which is a fun learning process for me as I return to that medium. 

Much of what has been happening lately is to do with business planning, gear research, and branding.  I’ll talk more about that in another post, but I will say a lot of my anxiety is wrapped up in that and whether or not to talk about it.  

So, dear Patrons, help me out.  What would YOU like to hear about? What would you like to SEE?

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